Published by Disney Interactive
Genre: Platform Players: 1

Escape Rug Ride
Just can't get through the rug ride? Well, to skip the rug ride level, just die 3 times and the game will go to the next level.

Extra Life in Desert
Once you have hit the scarab for the first time, run past the spikes until you reach a pillar with a picture of Goofy on it. Jump behind this pillar and it will take you to the merchant. If you run to the left, you will find an extra life.

Hidden Merchant
from Josh Glass
In the Desert, after you get the first scarab, and go past the two connecting trees, there are 2 columns holding up the higher floor. Kill the snake and go BEHIND the second column. Jump up and you'll fly up the a secret place. There is a merchant there where you can trade gems for Extra Lives (5 gems) or Continues (10 gems). To get down, go to the very left, and there are stone steps that you can go down and continue your mission.

Level Select and More
In the Options screen, press A, C, A, C, A, C, A, C, B, B, B, B. From here you can choose Level Select, Freezability (turns Start into a pause button), and invulnerability.

Level Skip
While playing, pause the game and press A, B, B, A, A, B, B, A.

Playing Tips
from Michael L. Constantinov, "Pepper" and

  • When you enter the Desert, run until you get past the first palm tree, then run back to the beginning of the level. An extra life should appear.

  • Next, walk until you get to the clothesline with the Mickey Mouse hat on it. Position yourself so when you look forward your head fits in the hat. An extra life will appear.

  • To get five extra hearts, when you get to the four tall palm trees in the beginning go all the way up and jump on the ledge. Jump high and left. Then jump left to the other ledge while breaking the end of one. There should be five hearts in the middle.


  • Just before you fall onto the camel, wait and stand right on the edge. If you do it properly, a free life will appear right in front of you.

  • On either side of the merchant, there are flagpoles you can use to superjump (a jump really of a bouncy object) out of sight on the roof above him. There are a couple of gems and a free life up there.


  • Do a superjump straight up off the first flagpole for a free life.

  • Throw an apple at the pot with smoke soming out of it to expose a gap in the floor. Fall down through that gap to get to the merchant.

  • Just before you jump onto the rope that lets you slide down and to the left, double back to the right a screen or two. A heart!

  • After you've vaulted up the two consecutive flagpoles, you'll see a free life off to the right. Fall down and do a superjump off the upper flagpole to obtain it.

  • Above the first clothesline is an Abu token. Do a superjump off the flagpole to grab it.

  • On the floor just below the next milestone you can get a free life. Just move down and kill the guard below, then use the flagpole to double back. Watch out, there's a guard there who wasn't there before...


  • Near the end of the level, instead of climbing up the left side of the mountain, you can go inside and collect some treasures like gems, hearts, and a free life, then emerge on the right to collect the lamp.


  • For anyone who cares, here's the path to take to survive the rug ride. (D=down, U=up, E=either way): UDDDUDEUEDUEDEUUDUEDDEDEUDUD


  • If you're a hidden-treasure fanatic, make sure you take the extra ten minutes to look behind every wisp of smoke in the lamp. Lots of game tokens and gems and apples lying about. This is IMO a complete waste of time, but hey, it's your quarter... :-)

  • To get to the merchant (see him over there?), use genie's finger to vault yourself over the top of the screen and to the left. No superjump needed, but takes some practice.

  • From the merchant's pillow, jump to the left onto the finger, then to the left again onto a pillow that has--you guessed it--a free life waiting for you.