TMNT: Fall of the Foot Clan

Published by Konami
Genre: Action Players: 1

Bonus Games
from Adam Schiller
Go to the level select screen and press A + B + Select. You should hear a tone. At the far right side of the screen, a question mark (?) will appear. Click on it to play all the bonus games.

Hidden Game in Level 1
from Mark Wilgod
Break the second oil barrel and walk into the space where it was. You will be sent to a bonus game with a chance to refill your life!

Restore Life
from Brad Kita
If you need your life restored, pause the game then press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Unpause the game and your life will be full!

Note: this code can only be used once per game.

TMNT 2: Back to the Sewers

Published by Konami
Genre: Action Players: 1

Game Genie Codes
001-B6B-3BE   Infinite energy
0E8-BD8-802   Pizzas completely restore energy 

3E3-8AE-6EA+  Enter this first then enter one of
              the codes below to to pick a stage
013-8BE-E66   Act 2
023-8BE-E66   Act 3
033-8BE-E66   Act 4
043-8BE-E66   Act 5
053-8BE-E66   Act 6

TMNT 3: Radical Rescue

Published by Konami
Genre: Action Players: 1

from Robert Knickerbocker
Level               Password
Before Scratch      1000002
After Scratch       2100002
After Card 1        4110102
Before Dirtbag      1111102
After Dirtbag       2311102
After Raphael       3311302
After Card 2        4331302
Before Triceraton   1311302
After Triceraton    2711302
After Donatello     3711702
After Card 3        4773702
Before Scale Tail   1777702
After Scale Tail    2H77702
After Splinter      3H77HO2
After Card 4        4HH7HO2
Before Shredder     1HHHHH02