Final Fantasy Legend

Published by SquareSoft
Genre: RPG Players: 1

Game Genie Codes
from Trent (
011-238-C4A  Start with 1 strength point
051-238-C4A  Start with 5 strength points
021-248-E6E  Start with 2 defense points
061-248-E6E  Start with 6 defense points
031-258-F7A  Start with 3 agility points
071-258-F7A  Start with 7 agility points
041-268-E6A  Start with 4 mana points
081-268-E6A  Start with 8 mana points
012-588-19A  Start with 1 hit point
052-588-19A  Start with 5 hit points

Sound Test
from Xemorph Smorg
At the title screen, hold Down + Select + A for about five seconds. For more sounds, try this when you're level is 58 or more.

Stronger Punches
from Josh Fawcett (
Equip two packs of punches on the same person. Use one up until it has only 1 punch remaining, then start using the second pack. As long as you leave one punch in the original pack you'll do significantly more damage.