Donkey Kong Land

Published by RAREWARE
Genre: Platform Players: 1

Game Genie Codes
from Matt K. (
00E-899-F7E + 00E-958-F7E      Start with 1 life
08E-899-F7E + 08E-958-F7E       Start with 9 lives
0EE-899-F7E + 0EE-958-F7E       Start with 15 lives
63E-899-F7E + 63E-958-F7E       Start with 99 lives
00D-9DB-3BE + 21D-A0B-E61       Infinite lives
C3D-A0B-E61     Lose all your lives when you die
C9D-FDB-4C1     If you get hit you don't change characters until you are back at the map screen
3E0-81B-4CA     Invincible
002-1FB-3BE     Change soundtrack
004-C6B-3BE + 3E4-C0B-3B2       Each banana gives you mega lives (switch off when you have enough lives

Jumping Tip
If you're having trouble jumping over holes, try this. Walk toward the hole and over the edge. As soon as you start to fall, press the JUMP button and you'll clear the hole easily.

Maximum Lives on Level 8
In Level 8 (Gangplank Galleon) enter the bonus stage just past the half-way point. Grab a 1-Up then leave the stage. You can now re-enter it, grab another 1-Up, and repeat the process as often as desired.

Playing Tips
from Jeremy M. Moll
Here's how to beat the bosses.

World One: Wild Sting Fling:
Start on the far left. Wait about one second. jump and hold right. Do this again. Go to the side that he came out of when you hit him. Jump to the other side. Continue this and you will beat him easily. Notice that he speeds up every time you hit him.

World Two: Seabed Showdown:
get in between the oyster boss and the oyster in the corner. wait till the boss oyster moves to the opposite corner, then move out of the way. His pearl will hit the oyster in the corner and bounce off, hopefully hitting him. Repeat this process to beat the boss. Notice that he speeds up every time you hit him.

World Three: Mole Hole Madness:
wait until the mole looks to an angle, then jump on him. his hard hat should be off so you can hit him. Repeat this process to beat him. Notice that he speeds up every time he is hit.

World Four: King K. Rool:
There are different ways to beat this boss, but I selected the easiest method. Keep your distance, but keep him on the screen. Wait until he throws his crown. Jump over it and land on him. Run across the platform. Jump over him as he runs at you. Jump over the crown again and land on him. Do this a total of six times. Then, when you run acros the screen, DO NOT JUMP!! Run under him. Do this six times, then repeat the first process until he dies. (The first process is jumping over his crown and landing on him.) Notice that he, like the rest of the bosses, speeds up every time you hit him.

Secret Exit in Last Ice Level
from GoGo
In the last ice level, before the boss, in world 1, there is a "secret exit".

1. When you enter the level, jump in the barrel cannon and press LEFT on the control pad while in the air. This will send you to a bonus.

2. Leave the bonus level, you will be warped to the edge of a cliff. 3. Roll off the left edge of the cliff while pressing LEFT on the control pad. You will fall into a secret exit.