Giga Wing

Description Action
Unlock All Artwork Go to the Gallery, and at the first screen (the counter should read 1/8), enter:
X, Y, B, B, Y, X, B.
This will unlock all the artwork.
Unlock Sinnosuke's New Jet After entering the Unlock All Artwork code, go back to the Arcade menu. When Sinnosuke appears, press Down.
He'll now be piloting the Shadow Jet (the black jet that attacks your player in the first stage).
Unlock Sinnosuke's New Jet (The Legit Way) To access The Shadow, beat the game on any difficulty without using Continue.
Unlock All Artwork (The Legit Way) The pictures are unlocked based on who you play and what cinemas show up. For example, if you play a One-Player Game with Isha and someone else (say Ruby), you'll then get both players "conversation faces, but not the solo pics. The team combinations that will get you the conversation shots as well as the "discussion" shot at the end are:
Stuck and Sinnosuke
Stuck and Isha
Stuck and Ruby
Ruby and Isha
Ruby and Sinnosuke
Sinnosuke and Isha
The rest are unlocked playing solo with each character.
Unlock Stranger Enter the following at the Gallery:
B, X, Y, B, B, Y, X, B.
Complete the game on any difficutly setting without using any continues.
Player Two Invincibility After selecting Two-Player Mode, have player one select a jet. Then on controller two, when selecting player two's jet, enter:
Start + A